Bogadi Bio Agro


In our agricultural activities (AGRO) we are focused on growing organic field crops - Aronia berries, blueberries, wild strawberries. We use these field crops to make our own VITA, FIT or CARE products or we offer each as a fresh product. We also grow beetroot as our vegetable crop.

We use all of our knowledge and positive experience to grow  ecological fruits of high quality in order to offer it through our own brand BOGADI BIO and its line of products (ARBOvita, ARBOfit, ARBOcare). We are also offering our products for other Private Label producers.

We  have our traditional orchard and 300 grapevines of noble grapes for our own needs, too.
We can offer the harvesting of Aronia with our combine harvester.

Based on our experience and know-how we can offer you consultations and advice on  cultivatation and mainteinance of plantation.

We also offer wholesale distribution of:

Fresh aronia

Aronia juice bulk 200l

Hemp powder

Fresh blueberry

Dried aronia

Aronia powder

Frozen aronia

Dried blueberry

Frozen blueberry

Hemp seeds