The season started with Bogadi berry fruits

The season started with Bogadi berry fruits


In mid-June we start the blueberry season at our plantations. Blueberries are also a strong natural antioxidant, but they also have a prefin flavor so that many are a favorite fruit and favorite berry.

We hope that you will love our Blueberries and use them as fresh fruit or use them all year round in our favorite shake or smoothie all year round.

Rich Bogies are grown ecologically by their own methods of keeping everything that makes this pot of berry even better.

Try our blueberries.

Wild strawberries

We are rarely seen in plant breeding, for many it is fruit that returns them to childhood. It is characterized by intense aroma and refined taste.

Growing forest prosperity is ecologically easy and we are extremely proud to offer you the nature and nature of our farms with a premium flavor that brings you back to your childhood and gives those youngsters the pleasure of the taste you once felt, the taste of the strawberry jam.

Use the Bogadi Forest Strawberry during the summer as fresh or as frozen throughout the year in your favorite shake or smoothie.

Try our forest strawberries!

Boris Bogadi

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