Aronia is antioxidant number 1!
Let your food be a cure, and your medicine your food.

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In Mikleuš we set our goal to help nature continue harmonizing and doing good to us and all people around us, so we started realizing our ambition to grow organic food.
In 2011 we managed to turn uncultivated and biologically devastated area into cultivated field and we planted the first aronia plantation.



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NEW – BOGADI BIO Hemp pasta

HEALTH, AROMATIC, TASTY AND PROTEINS Beautiful green pearls, rich protein powders, a favorite of athletes, vegans and all those who want to eat healthy. All pasta ingredients were grown ecologically in the Slavonia fields. Pour pasta in boiling water with a small teaspoon of salt and a few drops of oil (1l

The season started with Bogadi berry fruits

Blueberries In mid-June we start the blueberry season at our plantations. Blueberries are also a strong natural antioxidant, but they also have a prefin flavor so that many are a favorite fruit and favorite berry. We hope that you will love our Blueberries and use them as fresh fruit or use them

Arbofit- dietary supplement with aronia flavor

ARBOFIT- dietary supplement with aronia flavor Arbofit, as a product, is packed in small bags, netto weight 10 grams. Due to its packaging, it is very simple to use it, as a dietary supplement, in all kinds of milk shakes, cereals, honey or cakes. There are a few recipes for shakes (milk

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